About Us

Mission and Vision

At R Locums, our mission is to connect healthcare facilities with talented locum tenens professionals to ensure quality patient care and address the increasing demands in the healthcare industry. Our vision is to become the leading platform for healthcare staffing, providing seamless placements and excellent service to both healthcare professionals and facilities.

Company History

R Locums was founded in About Us with a clear mission to revolutionize the locum tenens industry. Recognizing the need for more efficient and streamlined healthcare staffing solutions, our founder, Karen Cummings, established the company with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by both medical facilities and healthcare professionals.

Meet the Founder: Karen Cummings

Karen Cummings, the founder of R Locums, brings a wealth of industry experience and expertise to our organization. With a background in healthcare staffing and a passion for improving patient care, Karen recognized the gaps in the traditional staffing process and set out to create a cutting-edge platform that would address these issues.

Driven by her dedication to improving the healthcare system and ensuring that patients always receive exceptional care, Karen has been instrumental in guiding R Locums towards becoming a trusted leader in the locum tenens space.

Why We Created This Website

We created this website to provide the healthcare industry with a robust platform that simplifies and enhances the process of locum tenens staffing. Our objective is to serve as a bridge, connecting highly qualified healthcare professionals with rewarding temporary job opportunities in medical facilities across the country.

With our website, we aim to provide a user-friendly experience, enabling healthcare professionals to easily search, discover, and apply for locum tenens positions that match their specialties, skills, and preferences. By embracing innovative technology and utilizing a vast network of healthcare facilities and professionals, we strive to optimize the staffing process and ensure maximum efficiency for all stakeholders.

Target Audience

Our website is designed to cater to two key target audiences:

  1. Healthcare Professionals: Medical practitioners seeking temporary assignments, residencies, fellowships, or supplemental income. Our platform offers a comprehensive directory of opportunities across various specialties and locations, empowering healthcare professionals to find their ideal positions effortlessly.

  2. Healthcare Facilities: Medical establishments, clinics, hospitals, and private practices actively seeking talented locum tenens professionals to support their staffing needs. Our platform provides a cost-effective and efficient way for these facilities to connect with skilled healthcare providers, ensuring continuity of care and maintaining seamless operations.

Our Unique Value

What sets R Locums apart is our commitment to excellence, both in the scope of our services and the dedication of our team members. We operate with a team of experienced and highly skilled editors and professionals who rigorously vet and screen all healthcare professionals who join our platform. We ensure to maintain the highest standards and connect healthcare professionals with facilities deserving of their expertise.

Moreover, our platform offers unique features that optimize the matching process by considering preferences, qualifications, availability, and other criteria for both the healthcare professionals and the facilities. This aids in creating the most suitable placements, fostering successful relationships between professionals and facilities and ultimately benefiting the overall healthcare system.

By leveraging technology, comprehensive industry insights, and our values of transparency, integrity, and efficiency, R Locums stands ready to revolutionize the locum tenens landscape and fulfill the growing demands of healthcare staffing.

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