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Here are some frequently asked questions:

Q: How do I contact you?

A: You can email us here. You can also call us on 0116 350 0046.

Q: What does rLocums stand for?

A: It stands for Recommended Locums.

You can find out more on the About us page.

Q: What are your fees for practices?

A: Nothing. It's completely free for practices to use. Locums pay a small fee for getting bookings through the site, so we ask that employers book through the site and do not bypass the system (it's against the terms to do so!). You're welcome to contact locums directly by email or phone to sort out booking details but please come back and appoint the locum via the site. Once you have found a locum through the site, subsequent sessions should be booked via the site. We're aware that some people will try to 'cheat' the system but everything is logged and we will audit from time to time. If you have any questions please contact us.

Q: What are your fees for locums?

We are NOT a locum agency and it is FREE for practices and locums to register and log their availabilities on the website. We charge a small fee of 6.5% (incl. VAT) when practices make a booking with you. As part of the service we handle the invoicing, pension form A/B, and the hassle of chasing payments for you. All client monies are held in a separate client account with HSBC bank and is forwarded weekly to your nominated bank account on the 'Bank Account' page.

Why can't practices come direct to me?
Practices do sometimes book sessions directly with locums they already know. But locum availabilities are constantly changing and it can be very time-consuming for practices to contact each locum individually. rLocums is a low cost automated booking service that allow you to log your availabilities and only get requests for sessions where you are available. This saves time and hassle for everyone. And because we're not a locum agency, you will be employed directly by the practice and your work can be pensionable.

Q: Are you a locum agency?

We are NOT a locum agency. Locum agencies "employ" their locums and charge them out to practices at a premium. This means less income for you as agencies often take 15-35%. It also means that you are not directly working for the NHS and your income is not pensionable (you lose an additional 14%). rLocums provides an automated booking system at very low cost so the practice pays less and you get paid more. You will be employed directly by the practice, meaning your NHS income can be pensionable.

Q: What is IR35?

Introduced in 1999, IR35 (or Intermediaries’ Legislation) is aimed at ensuring that contract workers who do jobs indistinguishable from employees are taxed in the same manner as ‘on-payroll workers’ (employees).

Previously the locum, through their Limited Company, would be responsible for deciding whether IR35 applies. However, from April 6th 2017 the responsibility shifted from the locum to the Practice engaging the locum.

Q. How does IR35 affect sessions through RLocums?

RLocums does not support limited companies working for Practices that deem their sessions to be caught in-scope of IR35. This means that we ask Practices to determine the status of their sessions and inform us. We will then stop Limited Company locums from applying to these sessions. Only Sole Trader locums will be able to apply to these sessions.

If a Practice deems their session to be ‘out-of-scope’ of IR35 then both Limited Company and Sole Trader locums can apply - essentially nothing changes for these types of session.

Q. How do I determine whether a session is in-scope or out-of-scope for IR35?

Practices must now determine whether or not their locum sessions are affected by the IR35 legislation. HMRC have provided this tool to help guide this decision.